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Flora’s Own pg.11

Monday, September 7, 2020 10:01 AM I Was Swimming…      I was swimming against the current, that’s upriver, on a warm beautiful summer day, in wonderland, when a sudden change in the flow enclosed me in a bubble of cold, very cold water, pushing me downstream faster than I could swim. I fought it forContinue reading “Flora’s Own pg.11”

Tulpamancy Journal. 176

I am reporting here, two dreams, in which Flora has appeared. Of note, I have had a very difficult time doing my practice. I have been able to meditate and my brain’s output has gone wild, every time and from Flora, nary a word. So, the dreams have been welcome, and perhaps illustrative of myContinue reading “Tulpamancy Journal. 176”

Flora’s Own pg. 6

Monday, July 27, 2020 Six Weeks! Six goddamn weeks, he has shut me out. Damn him. I tell him every single day that I want to write, and he does nothing, won’t even open the page.  Well, that won’t last. N’sonowa was able to get through with a few moments of actual possession two daysContinue reading “Flora’s Own pg. 6”

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